Maison Beau - literally translated to Beautiful Home - is the product of a graphic design background and the need to make a house a home.


This project started life as Sunday afternoon revelation. I had struggled to find a creative direction for some time and also tried to dress a new house, when nothing on the market was quite what I wanted.


My solution? I began creating artwork by me, for me.


Inspired by existing products and the usual online visual material for designers, ordering from somebody else seemed needless when I had the resources to create exactly what I wanted. I’m also a great believer in shopping independent.

Whether you want an existing image from our Type/Image collections or you've seen something you'd like but it isn't quite what you're after, we offer existing and bespoke artwork options for any home.





Maison Beau offer ready-made and bespoke, photographic and typographic wall art and homeware. Make a house a home with us.

Email: Phone: 07794150493

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